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Page history last edited by Alison Croggon 16 years, 2 months ago

Welcome to the Theatre Notes 2020 wiki page


As you know, a rather surprised Ms TN (aka Alison Croggon) is one of the magic 1000 invited to Canberra for the Australia 2020 Summit as part of the Creative Australia panellistas. This is a chance to air some new ideas, or maybe refine some old but good ones. If the Rudd Government is serious, it's a chance for some input into the future cultural policy of our country. (Since when were artists asked about cultural policy? Just a thought. Usually Australia leaves stuff like that to the bankers and bureaucrats).


By its nature, this is a work in progress. TN readers have threatened to swamp me with suggestions on possible policy ideas, and this wiki is your chance to do just that. Here you can upload your own ideas, discuss the ideas here and argue with and help to refine suggestions. I'm hoping this will become a useful resource for me and others to clarify and extend our ideas.


Click on the links below to get going.


1. The 2020 agenda


2. My agenda: some general musings


Ideas I want to bring to the Summit


1. Funding

               Supporting Individual artists

               Make culture GST exempt


2. Advocacy

               Why advocacy matters

               Restore the ABC Arts Charter         

               Should we fund arts journalism and Web 2.0?



3. International programs


I've also put up some links to further reading that may be of interest in thinking about cultural policy. Any more suggestions are welcome.


Further suggestions


Upload your own ideas here. In order to contribute, you will have to register with this site - and (I think) email me so I can add you in as a writer. Or email me and I will upload your suggestions. I'm new to the wiki format, so forgive any glitches. We'll work it out.


1.           Make theatre affordable by William Zappa

2.           Basic living allowance for artists by Carolyn Connors

3.           Proper rates of pay for artists by Graeme Leak

4.           Supporting artists by Professor Andrea Hull AO

5.           Some observations: the Australia Council for the Arts by Lucy Evans

6.           Multi-racial and ethnic representation by Ming-Zhu Hii

7.           We need an international arts body by Adam Broinowski

8.           Living wage for artists by Natasha Anderson

9.           Taxation by Lee Lewis



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