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Further reading

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Below are links to further reading that might be of interest


Making the Case for Culture




Creative partnerships - arts in education program (UK)


Room 13 - arts in education program, Scotland


Edmonton Arts Council 2008 report The Art of Living (pdf - recommended - a brilliant example of local planning and consultation)


Critics in print media by Anne Thompson (Variety)


The Value of the Arts (Pamphlet series, Ireland) Recommended reading. Favourite quote: "Art can never become a political imperative because great

art always fails and politicians are, by definition, terrified by failure." - John Waters


Cultural policies and trends in Europe - loads of interesting comparative information


Arts Journal debate - American arts journalists debate the future online


Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Marketplace of Ideas: But First, The Bill by William Osborne (comparison of European and American arts funding)


The Politics of Dance: Policy, Process and Practice by Kathyrn Lowe (pdf file)


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